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Direct Mail for Churches

Reach out to your congregation in a highly personalized way!

Why Direct Mail?

While email marketing and in person requests for donations are effective, direct mail offers an additional funnel to help your church achieve your donation goals. This isn’t the direct mail you think of from decades ago; we tailor every mail piece to the members of your congregation. We are able to segment data to a granular level. New church members? Excellent, we can automatically mail them a welcome letter from your priest or pastor. Has someone not come to church in a while? We can automatically mail them a highly personalized letter asking them to provide you feedback as to why they haven’t been to service. The sky is the limit. If you can think of it, we can personalize a mailing for the occasion.

How it Works

Marketing your donation campaigns directly to members of your church is not only highly effective, it is also easy to set up!

Variable Design

We are able to design highly customized mail pieces from as little or as much data as you are able to provide.


We are able to slice data from previous campaigns to know exactly how to target members of your church for current campaigns.


We are experts in data. We have full time data scientists able to make sense of your needs and create actionable results.


We provide advanced reporting for all campaigns we run so you know exactly what to act on. 


How We Work



We look at your past, current and future goals to gain insight into the needs of your church. We then provide free consulting services to give you an idea of what does and doesn’t work. We slice your data apart to provide insight into what gives your church the highest probability of increasing revenue and donations.



After getting an idea of your goals, we put together a proposal on how we think we can assist your church in going digital. We collaborate directly with you and turn these ideas into campaigns. You can produce your mailing as is, or work with our team of experts to customize the campaign in a way that works with you.



After running an initial campaign, we see how it performed. We then offer split testing to test what converts better with your congregation. We provide deep analysis, and collaborate to adjust campaigns. Typically, we are able to mail your campaign within a week of receiving approval through low cost nonprofit postage.

Let’s talk about your goals.