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Increase Donations & Lower Costs Printing and Marketing since 1917

Meshing Digital and Print

Mission Envelope specializes in allowing your church to harness the synergy of print and digital marketing to increase initial and ongoing donations for campaigns of all sizes.

A History of Excellence

Mission Envelope and our parent company have been manufacturing envelopes for over a century. The same quality you demand from our print offerings are now availible for digital campaigns.

Traditional Offerings

Increasing Personal Touch

For decades, Mission Envelope has provided churches and distributors of all sizes offering envelopes for a fair price. We invite you to check our offerings, and let our experience assist you.

Digital Offerings

Bringing you into 21 century

Utilzing the best technology in the world, we are able to customize every piece we offer to your congregation. Learn more about how we can increase your donations!

Our Partners

Let us Handle It

Our in house team has years of experience in marketing. Let us harness our experience for your congregation to lower your cost per donation received.

Dear Mr. Smith , we are humbly asking you to consider donating to our campaign to build a new church in our community.

What we do

We have worked with churches and distributors of all sizes. Our decades of experience and on time, below budget deliveries speak for themselves. We specialize in offering envelopes and mailings of all types. Our rapid turn around rate and top of the line equipment allows your congregation to receive donation and tithing envelopes quickly, and with the highest quality in the industry. We utilize top of the line digital presses that allow us to manufacture millions of offering, tithing and donation envelopes a day. We have thousands of box sets in stock, and are ready to mail your weekly mailers within two days of artwork approval. Reach out today to see how Mission Envelope can transform your workflow! 

Offering Envelope
Tithing Envelope
Donation Envelope
Box Set Church Envelope
Custom Offering and Church Envelopes

Our workflow

Analyze Your Current Needs and Outcomes

Tailor Experiences to Your Congregation

Refine in an Agile Approach to Maintain Revenue

A few facts about our company

Let our experience and manufacturing abilities speak for themselves.

On Time Delivery Rate
Customer Retention
Increase in Donation Rate

Reach Out Today See How We Can Meet Your Needs